Le SLAP - statement and earthly friendly fashion clothing brand ZOOM CALL AHEAD?


3 looks for a Zoom call?

So, you have that Zoom call planned and need to look dressed up in front of a camera, yet do not want to give up that comfy feeling at home.

Meet our "Zoom Call" outfit inspiration: 3 looks for a dressy top and cozy pants. 

1. Black is a 'go-to' when having a serious call.

We are wearing black EMPOWERED jacket and soft, white UNIFORM pants.


2. Vegan leather will translate your Earth focus believes and looks very stylish.

Wearing forest brown 1990 Vegan leather jacket and nude UNIFORM pants.vegan-leather-jacket-le-slap-zoom-call.jpg

3. Did you say it's cold? Knits are the best, they are soft and comfortable as well as looks like you made an effort, especially when combined with some statement jewellery. 

Wearing dark grey GAONO knitted sweater and grey marl UNIFORM pants. 



You will rock that zoom call <3 Fashion can actually empower you...

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