About us

Le SLAP is a statement fashion clothing brand. As for the meaning, it is the combination of two English and French words - “SLAP” meaning raw, current and edgy fashion with a mild French touch of “Le”. Le SLAP strives to create stand-out-pieces.

Vaida and Jurate - mad founders behind the brand are true believers in creating real seasonless fashion with insane excellence.

We have created Le SLAP so you will not have to guess what is fashionable NOW. No more fashion wonders, no more ‘what to wear’ struggles - Le SLAP is the answer. We are fans of mantra 'more is more', so all the styles are crafted as true fashion statement pieces and give you a perfect va-va-voom effect. Our deep know-how helps provide you the “fashion connoisseur” service and make you look like a jewel in the crown.

One piece of Le SLAP and people will stare…

Join us here, where fashion happens.