Le SLAP founders Vaida Vaiciuliene and Jurate Juozaityte

Vaida Vaiciuliene- Co-founder, retail and wholesale sales, marketing and design

Our co-founder Vaida is a graduate from City of London and holds a respectful BA degree in Fashion Marketing and Retail Management. She is also finished photography and fashion business in London College of Fashion. Later her studies, Vaida took role in management positions in the head offices of the most recognizable and prestigious design houses such as Burberry, Amanda Wakeley and Michael Kors. Vaida is responsible for areas of sales: retail and wholesale, oversees design process and manages marketing activities.


Jurate Juozaityte- Co-founder production, supply chain management and design

Jurate is a BA graduate in business management. She grew up in a fashion environment with her mother being a director of one of the biggest fashion factories in town. And since her days as a child, fashion is what inspires her in life. There is no Vogue that Jurate has not red and no fashion icon piece that slipped her mind. Fashion lives in and on her.  Jurate is responsible for the designs sampling, production process and design ideas generation. 


Kamile Kaselyte- Public relations and communications

Kamile is a fashion entrepreneur and marketing communications consultant on a mission to build profitable and sustainable businesses through thoughtful business practices. Prior to her consulting career, Kamile has worked and interned for acknowledged fashion houses, such as Tom Ford, Malone Souliers and L’OFFICIEL. Kamile Kaselyte holds prestigious Fashion Business BA (Hons) degree from Istituto Marangoni and is a member of various NGOs to promote women in entrepreneurship. At Le SLAP, Kamile is overseeing public relations and communications. 

Le SLAP team, Kamile Kaselyte, PR and relations


Karolina Steckute- Project manager

Karolina is a graduate and is finished her fashion marketing BA studies. The house of Le SLAP is her first place for a job, she is our eyes and hands handling every day business administration, customer support and other daily tasks to keep the wheel rolling. 



Mantas Jakaitis- IT specialist

Mantas is been with Le SLAP since day one. Mantas is now finishing his joint IT and Economics BA in the so-called best University in the country. He carries out all the work concerning the technology world.


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