Le SLAP is an emerging Statement and Earth-friendly fashion clothing brand launched in 2017.

Le SLAP statement fashion clothing brand



As for the meaning, it is the combination of two English and French words - “SLAP” meaning raw, individualistic and edgy fashion with a mild French touch of “Le”, which indicates French quality and it's aesthetics. 



Le SLAP is created to encourage citizens to be creative, empower them and encourage their self-realization through the lens of fashion. We believe that Fashion is art and dressing up is a form of art. So, our aim is to create a true strong believers in themselves #gangleslap, inspire them to act more like if no one was watching.

We don’t discriminate clients by their demographics, we don’t believe in clients separation by their gender, age, race or income, we do believe that we rather share common interests and lifestyle. #Gangleslap is curious, well-educated, loves to travel and reads a lot. That is what we all share in common. 

Our deep know-how helps provide you the “fashion connoisseur” service and make you look like a jewel in the crown. You can always contact us for the style advice or any other fashion drama. 

No more fashion wonders, no more ‘what to wear’ struggles - Le SLAP is the answer and give you a perfect ‘va-va-voom’ effect.



All styles are created as true fashion statement pieces and are crafted in Northern Europe looking into ethical fashion requirements. We oversee the whole production process so employees would not be exploited and got fair salaries. We use fabrics such as eco cotton for casual wear, eco leather and alternative silks. Le SLAP is a true believer in quality, sustainability and social justice. 

 Le SLAP production process, ethical fashion, who made my clothes

Le SLAP production process, ethical fashion, fair fashion salaries, fashion factory

Le SLAP production, factory, ethical fashion, fair trade fashion